How to write a Proposal

We generally apply for various program funds through proposals. There are various categories in which we use proposals. Hence there are no standard forms for proposals. Yet, it is essential that a proposal should have some basic elements which are key factors determining the proposals and their quality. 
When writing proposals, you should give proper importance to the appearance of these key elements. You should know which are the areas where you have to give due attention while writing proposals. 

  • The cover page is one of the key parts of the proposals. You should summarize the information needed to identify the proposal in this cover page. Give the title of the proposal and the name, address and contact number of the investigator in the cover page itself. You can also include the name of the agency and the program along with the start date and end date of the project in the cover page. 

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How to Write a Resignation Letter

At some point in your life as an employee, you may find the need to explore other avenues for the sake of your professional, financial and personal growth. You will have then to resign from your present work and start anew.

However, before you even pack your things from your office desk and get out of the office door, you must first inform the company that you are leaving. Telling the higher ups that you’re quitting is not an easy job, though. But with the help of a well-written resignation letter the impact of your resignation will be less on both you and your bosses.

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How to Write a Biography

Everyone of us has a story to tell about our lives. From the simple housewife to the top-notch business executive, a person faces and conquers at least one adversity. And such an event can be good material for writing a biography.

A biography, in its simplest sense, is an interesting story about a person’s life. But more than just a straightforward narration of the life of the subject, it goes deeper by trying to analyze his/her life and tries to explain the things that happened to him/her.
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How to Write a Recommendation

If you’re a mentor or a leader in any kind of field, chances are that some of those people you have worked with will ask you to write a letter of recommendation for them. A letter of recommendation does what its name says: it recommends a person as being capable of the job or position he/she is applying for.

The challenge in writing a letter of recommendation is first, knowing what to say about the person you’re writing it about, and second, convincing the organization you’re sending it to that he/she is the best person for the job.

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